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Cloud Computing Could Be a $1BN Business for Dell
“In a couple of years” according to founder & CEO Michael Dell

by Virtualization News Desk

Already generating “hundreds of millions” of dollars in sales for Dell, cloud computing could be a $1 billion business “in a couple [of] years” according to a BusinessWeek interview with Michael Dell, founder and CEO of the company. (continued…)

Virtualization and Other Green Computing Initiatives
Reducing power consumption and management expenses

by Lori MacVittie

There’s been a lot of hype over the past year surrounding “green” computing and the drive to lower the impact of IT and data centers on the environment. While we’re all for the concept of green computing and reducing the impact of computing on our environment, we’re also cognizant of the reality that every IT organization also has to worry about the other kind of green: its bottom line. (continued…)

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Whitepaper: Desktop Virtualization
Benefits & Best Practices! Mainline & VMware are leading the way in desktop virtualization. Find out the benefits of & best practices for deploying a desktop virtualization solution, including ROI, reduced complexity, central management, increased efficiency, Green computing, implementation considerations & more!

Cloud Computing Start-Up Creates PowerPC-Based Cloud Desktop
CherryPal is introducing a $249 Debian-based desktop

by Maureen O’Gara

There hasn’t been a PowerPC-based computer since Apple abandoned the dingus and bolted to Intel, a move that did wonders for Apple’s volumes. Now a Mountain View start-up called CherryPal is about to introduce a $249 Debian-based desktop that’s about the size of a dime store paperback built around the 2W MPC5121e mobileGT PowerPC chip that Freescale usually sells to Detroit for navigation devices. (continued…)

Do Google’s Servers Dream At Night?
“For 400 years, we have been waiting for machines to begin to think”

by Jeremy Geelan

Do Google’s servers dream at night? That’s a question raised by a fascinating short story just published by George Dyson, the author of “Darwin Among the Machines” and a well-known futurist. The story just appeared online in Edge, having not found a publisher in a fiction venue because it’s too technical, and technical publications (including Wired) won’t run it because it’s fiction. (continued…)

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Solution Brief: Reduce Energy Costs
Energy consumption is a critical issue for IT organizations today. VMware virtualization gives you the power to right-size your IT infrastructure through server consolidation and dynamic load balancing across a pool of physical servers. Your IT organization can dramatically increase server utilization and reduce energy costs with VMware solutions.

VMware Virtualization Helps Universities Down Under
40+ universities in Australia and New Zealand have virtualized infrastructures

by Virtualization News Desk

VMware announced that more than 40 universities in Australia and New Zealand are using VMware virtualization to enhance the online experience of their students. VMware is working with the Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT) which paves the way for more than 40 member institutions to deliver virtualization solutions at standard and low costs, regardless of a school’s size. CAUDIT members include nearly every university in Australia and New Zealand. (continued…)

New Mosso Control Panel Released
A new provisioning system for Rackspace’s flagship product, The Hosting Cloud

by Virtualization News Desk

Web hosting company, Rackspace Managed Hosting’s Mosso cloud division, has developed a new control panel including a new provisioning system for its flagship product, The Hosting Cloud. The combined enhancements create a platform for Mosso to increase cloud service capabilities and scalability. The new Mosso Control Panel simplifies and speeds management of the applications, websites, databases and email accounts a customer has deployed across The Hosting Cloud. Developed in-house, the Mosso control panel gives users the familiar look and feel of a modern desktop application, including fast interaction, real-time messages, and contextual feedback. (continued…)

AppSense Sees Acceleration in Desktop Virtualization Implementations
Tallies 50% increase in U.S. revenue

by Virtualization News Desk

AppSense reported a 50 percent increase in U.S. revenue for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2008. Its global business—which includes a growing customer base of over 4,000—realized a 30 percent increase in worldwide revenue, continuing its trend of 30 percent growth each year since 2005. (continued…)

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