Advanced edits in SL object building 에 있는 내용이지만,
빠른 참고를 위해.

Advanced Edits: The Object tab offers several additional options for editing based on the basic prim shape. Here are some common examples:

  • Cut (begin/end): Takes out a slice of the object along its Z axis. You can specify where the cut starts and finishes.
  • Hollow: Puts a hollow center in the object starting from the center of the shape and expanding out. You can specify what percentage of the radius is hollow.
  • Twist (begin/end): Puts twists into the object, warping its shape as well as texture alignment.
  • Taper: Reduces the size of the top or bottom sides (x or y axes, negative or positive) of the prim.
  • Top Shear: Shifts (shears/skews) the top surface of the object away from the bottom. You can shift the X and Y axes separately.
  • Dimple (begin/end): Cuts a hole in a sphere from ring of latitude (you specify the percentage) to the top or bottom of the Zaxis. The dimple cuts straight to the origin of the object (leaving a cone-shaped hole).

Linking: This makes the linked object act as one coherent piece (though the object count is maintained). With no object selected in the editor, hold down Shift and click on each prim you wish to link together, one at a time. Make the most important prim (root) the last one you select (such as the seat of a vehicle). Then, go to the Tools menu and select Link, or just press Ctrl+L. You can select Tools->Unlink or press Ctrl+Shift+L to break the object apart. There are limits to how large a creation you can link together:  No single object may have more than 256 prims, and no physics-enabled object may have more than 31 prims.

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