Second Life Grid Status Reports

Due to a sudden overload on our database, we’ll shortly restrict logins.You might experience inworld issues like failure to rez, teleports not working and other inworld services being slow or unresponsive.Please monitor this blog for updates, and refrain from making huge transactions or rezzing valuable no-copy items at this time.

Second Life Grid Status Reports

"Logins disabled"라는 제목으로 on Jan. 11, 2009 at 11:57 am PST에 게시 된 내용.

세상이 붐벼서 그 안에 나타날 수 없다니!

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현재 접속자 수 등은 아래와 같다.:


내가 지금까지 봐온 중 가장 많은 접속자 수이긴 하다.

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