Muse – Resistance Tour – Seoul: setlist anticipation

Rise up!! All the knights of Cydonia in Seoul!! Finally, it’s the day!

I’m anticipating tomorrow’s setlist on the basis of the recent setlist data on,, as following (will finish this before… the dawn – I’m dead busy!!):

Uprising [lyrics][MuseWiki][official video]

Resistance [lyrics][MuseWiki][live video]

Supermassive Black Hole [lyrics][MuseWiki][official video]

Interlude (instrumental) [MuseWiki]

Hysteria [lyrics][MuseWiki][official video]

Guiding Light [lyrics][MuseWiki][live video]

United States of Eurasia (+ Collateral Damage) [lyrics][MuseWiki][live video]

Starlight [lyrics][MuseWiki][official video]

Time is Running out [lyrics][MuseWiki][official video][live video]

Unnatural Selection [lyrics][MuseWiki][BBC live video]

Plug in Baby [lyrics][MuseWiki][live video]

Knights of Cydonia [lyrics][MuseWiki][official video]

MK Ultra [lyrics][MuseWiki][live video][etc.]

New Born [lyrics][MuseWiki][live video]

Map of the Problematique [lyrics][MuseWiki][live video]

Butterflies & Hurricanes [lyrics][MuseWiki][official video]

Sunburn [lyrics][MuseWiki][official video]

Undisclosed Desires [lyrics][MuseWiki][official video]

Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) [lyrics][MuseWiki][live video]

Stockholm Syndrome [lyrics][MuseWiki][live video]

Cave [lyrics][MuseWiki][live video]

Nishe (instrumental) [MuseWiki]

Drum & Bass Jam (instrumental)

You can watch above all here:

See you at Olympic Park tomorrow!

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