Advanced networking technology workshop

IEICE Korea section, IEEE Seoul section annual seminar

일시: 2008년 11월 28일 (금) 오후 3시~5시30분

장소: 한양대학교 행당캠퍼스 퓨전테크센터 3층 세미나실

주관: IEICE Korea Section, IEEE Seoul Section, 한양대 BK사업단

연사: Prof. Shoji Shinoda and Prof. Mitsunori Makino (Chuo Univ.)



"R&D on Computer Graphics/Virtual Reality Technology in Japan and
Chuo University"

Mitsunori Makino, Ph.D, Professor Department of Information and System
Engineering, Chuo University, IEEE and IEICE Member

In this talk, recent research topics related to CG/VR technologies
developed in Japan are briefly introduced. Then some ongoing projects
about CG/VR at Chuo University are shown, which has several types of
stereoscopic display systems as well as the CAVE, multi-faced immersive
system. For example, a visual simulation of high-frequency electromagnetic
wave propagation in the virtual city on the CAVE, and an evaluation of
visibility are explained.

"The problems facing us in the engineering design education"

Shoji Shinoda, Ph.D, Professor Department of Electrical, Electronic and
Communication Engineering. Chuo University, IEEE Fellow and IEICE
Fellow/Honorary Member

The accreditation services of the engineering education programs in the
universities and the graduate schools are now on-going in Papan by the
Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE). In my talk,
first, I will introduce the history of engineering education in Japan. The
fundamental policy of the engineering education was made by Dr. Henry
Dyer, who was the first president of the Imperial College of Engineering,
founded in 1873 in Japan. The news about the education was in the
journal called Nature, vol.10, pp.44-45, May 17, 1877. Amazingly, the
policy already forecasted the importance of the present directions of
changes of the engineering education. The engineering design education is
one of key factors in the engineering education. Second, I will talk about
the problems we are facing in the design education, in Japan.

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