SL6B’s upcoming cool events as of the last day

Second Life의 여섯번째 생일을 기념하여 23일부터 29일까지 (Pacific Time과 일치하는 SLT 기준) 무척 많은 행사들이 계획되어 진행 중이다. 이는 음악, 미술, 강연, 파티, 전시회 등 다양한 종류의 행사들을 포함한다.
마지막 날이 다가왔지만 아직 많은 행사들이 남아 있다. 에서 확인할 수 있다.
내가 관심을 가지는 행사들을 모아봤다.
Philip Linden씨의 opening talk은 놓쳤으나 closing speech와 나머지는 놓치지 말아야지.


June 29 6am SLT

** Fireworks Show ** Music StarMine

"MusicStarMine" is an exclusive Fireworks Show in Second Life.
It is so unique and outstanding!
I believe you can have an amazing experience ever before in Second Life.
More information: IM naturalway Flow – –


June 29 11am SLT

SL6B Closing Remarks

Philip Linden recaps the past week, and looks towards the future. Main Stage

While the Entertainment at SL6B will be winding down, the gates will remain open for another week. Come by and see the exhibits you missed!
More information: IM – –


June 29 3pm SLT

The Future of NLP in Virtual Worlds

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) has a track record of being the most successful behavioral change technology in the world today.

As assistant to the Co-creator Richard Bandler – Nina shares her vision of how NLP will be applicable to virtual worlds for people who cannot access it in real life.

A presentation of the main presuppositions will be given as well as Q & A session.

Session will start at 3.11pm SLT minutes past the hour
More information: IM Nina Lancaster – –


June 29 11pm SLT

Closing Party


Closing party
More information: IM Edmond Melnik – –


June 23 6pm SLT

Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe!

Tonight Live TV with Paisley Beebe will be broadcasting Live from SL6B!

This Week:

What is the Chernobyl Photographic Exhibition with Ingeborg Apfelbaum.

SL Comedian. yes.. Comedian! The Fabulous Lauren Weyland.


Phaylene Fairchild talks reality Television.

We will also be streaming live at our home studio!
More information: IM Brekka Nightfire – –

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