Pluto turning brighter and redder, pictures show |

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    • detailed view to date of the entire surface of the dwarf planet Pluto

    • Photo

    • The overall color is believed to be a result of ultraviolet radiation from the distant Sun breaking up methane that is present on Pluto’s surface, leaving behind a dark, molasses-colored, carbon-rich residue.

    • taken from 2002 to 2003

    • took four years and 20 computers operating continuously and simultaneously to accomplish

  • "Pluto is turning brighter and redder as its 248-year-long rotation around the sun changes its seasons, NASA reported on Thursday."

    tags: Pluto, universe

    • Pluto’s northern hemisphere growing brighter and the entire planet looking redder

    • most likely consequences of surface ice melting on the sunlit pole and then refreezing on the other pole, as the dwarf planet heads into the next phase of its 248-year-long seasonal cycle,

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