A Hazy Shade of Winter and the Umbrella Academy

A Hazy Shade of Winter and the Umbrella Academy

Mr. Gerard Way has a YouTube channel separately from My Chemical Romance’s: https://www.youtube.com/c/gerardway/

From the Netflix series ‘The Umbrella Academy’
The Bangles’s Hazy Shade of Winter. 1987.
Simon & Garfunkel’s original. 1966.

The Umbrella Academy

Science Journal graduating from Google and moving over to Arduino

Science Journal graduating from Google and moving over to Arduino

Science Journal graduating from Google and moving over to Arduino. The Google versions of Science Journal will no longer be supported after December 11, 2020.


Arduino and Google are excited to announce that the Science Journal app will be transferring from Google to Arduino this September! Arduino’s existing experience with the Science Journal and a long-standing commitment to open source and hands-on science has been crucial to the transfer ownership of the open source project over to Arduino.

The Google versions of the app will officially cease support and updates on December 11th, 2020, with Arduino continuing all support and app development moving forward, including a brand new Arduino integration for iOS.

Arduino Science Journal will include support for the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense board, as well as the Arduino Science Kit, with students able to document science experiments and record observations using their own Android or iOS device. The Science Journal actively encourages students to learn outside of the classroom, delivering accessible resources to support both teachers and students for remote or in person activities. For developers, the Arduino version will continue to be open: codes, APIs, and firmware to help them create innovative new projects.


걱정의 나눔

내가 어릴 때, 약 만 4세-8세 동안, 놀이터에서 놀고 집에 돌아온 후에는
접어 입은 바짓부리의 접혀 생긴 주머니 같은 공간에 쌓인 놀이터의 흙, 모래 털어내기를 가장 먼저 했다.
나는 놀이터에서 노는 동안 옷에 흙모래가 쌓이고 묻는 것을 염려하지 않았다.
집에 와서도 털어내고 손을 씻는 것까지만 걱정(심각한 걱정은 아니고)하고 이 행동을 쉽게 했다.
지금의 나는 그러한 상태로 집에 오면 옷을 완전히 갈아 입고, 몸에도 더러움이 묻었을 테니 손 뿐 아니라 몸 전체를 씻어야 할 것이며, 들이마신 공기에 대해서도 걱정을 하고, 혹시 녹슨 철이라도 만졌을까, 어디에 찰과상은 없을까 온갖 생각을 할 것이다.
그리고 그 생각한 내용에 대응하는 행동을 모두 즉시 할 수 없어 스트레스를 받을 것이다.
내가 저렇게 놀이터에서 놀던 시절에는 이 걱정을 (똑같지는 않겠지만) 어머니께서 하셨을 것이다.
그리고 알맞은 수준에서 규칙을 정해 이를 해결하셨을 것이다. (더 이상 옷을 더럽히지 않을 시간이 되면 씻고 갈아입도록 하고, 씻는 동안이나 씻은 후 몸에 이상이 없는지 확인하는 등)
‘나’라는 사람의 활동에 대해 어머니께서 걱정과 책임의 큰 부분을 가지고 계셨던 것이다.
자라는 동안 어머니, 아버지께서 이러한 걱정, 책임을 알맞은 시기에 알맞은 부분을 알맞은 양으로 내게 (돌려) 주시는 교육을 하셨고,
내가 자발적으로 가져오는 성장도 했을 것이다.
이, 내 몫의 걱정과 책임을 가져오는 동안 함께 익혀야 할 것들이 있었는데 그 부분에 큰 문제가. 아!
걱정과 책임을 과하게 불려 이고 허우적거리는 어른이 됨.

요즈음에는 어린이 놀이터 바닥을 대부분 우레탄 등 탄성 있는 소재로 만드는데
지날 때마다 어릴 때 바지에서 흙모래 털어내던 기억이 생생하게 난다.

Neutrality (International Relations)

Neutrality (International Relations)

Neutrality, the legal status arising from the abstention of a state from all participation in a war between other states, the maintenance of an attitude of impartiality toward the belligerents, and the recognition by the belligerents of this abstention and impartiality. Under international law, this legal status gives rise to certain rights and duties between the neutral state and the belligerents.


neutral country is a state which is neutral towards belligerents in a specific war, or holds itself as permanently neutral in all future conflicts (including avoiding entering into military alliances such as NATO). As a type of non-combatant status, neutral nationals enjoy protection under the law of war from belligerent actions, to a greater extent than other non-combatants such as enemy civilians and prisoners of war.
Different countries interpret their neutrality differently. Some, such as Costa Rica, have demilitarized; whereas Switzerland holds to “armed neutrality” in which it deters aggression with a sizeable military while barring itself from foreign deployment. Not all neutral countries avoid any foreign deployment or alliances, however, as Austria, Ireland, Finland and Sweden have active UN peacekeeping forces and a political alliance within the European Union. The traditional Swedish policy is not to participate in military alliances, with the intention of staying neutral in the case of war. Immediately before World War II, the Nordic countries stated their neutrality, but Sweden changed its position to that of non-belligerent at the start of the Winter War. There have been considerable changes to the interpretation of neutral conduct over the past centuries. During the Cold War another European country, Yugoslavia, claimed military and ideological neutrality, and that is continued by its successor, Serbia.


Microstates and international relations: Microstates often rely on other countries in order to survive, as they have a small military capacity and a lack of resources. This had led some researchers to believe that microstates are forced to subordinate themselves to larger states which reduces their sovereignty. Research, however, has shown that microstates strategically engage in patron-client relationships with other countries. This allows them to trade some privileges to countries that can advance their interests the most. Examples of this are microstates that establish a tax haven or sell their support in international committees in exchange for military and economic support.

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