Cutting nippers and diagonal pliers

Cutting nippers and diagonal pliers

Wire cutting 위한 공구로 우리나라에서 보통 니퍼, 뻰찌라고 하는 것들이 서로 구분되는 공구들인지 같은 것인데 이름이 다른 것인지 궁금하여 검색.

Wikipedia에서 diagonal pliers를 찾으면 ( 이것이 철사 따위를 자르를 목적으로 쓰는, 바로 그 공구이거나 그런 것들 중 하나로 보인다. 설명을 일부 가져오자면:

… (also known as wire cutters, diagonal cutting pliers, diagonal cutters, side cutters, dikes or Nippy cutters) …

Diags or dikes is jargon used especially in the US electrical industry, to describe diagonal pliers. “Dike” can also be used as a verb, such as in the idiom “when in doubt, dike it out”.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, diagonal pliers are commonly referred to as snips or nippers, and in Canada, Australia and New Zealand they are often referred to as side cutters.

그런데 이 페이지에 대한 한국어 페이지를 열면 ‘니퍼(공구)’ 페이지가 열린다.니퍼_(공구)

나무위키의 플라이어(plier) 페이지(플라이어)는 플라이어의 종류를 니퍼, 펜치(combination plier, lineman’s plier), 롱노즈 플라이어(long-nose plier, needle-nose plier), 트위스터(twister)로 구분하여 설명하는데 펜치의 설명에 아래와 같은 내용이 있다:

니퍼보다 규격이 커서 전선을 절단할 때 힘이 덜 들기 때문에 포설 등의 작업을 하는 사람에겐 니퍼보다 더 애용되는 공구이다. 물론 진짜로 굵은 것을 잘라야 할 때에는 니퍼든 펜치든 답이 없기 때문에 볼트 커터 혹은 절단기를 사용해야 한다.

PDF editors

PDF editors

개인적으로 Adobe CC를, KNSU 지원으로 Adobe Acrobat Pro를 사용하고 있고 PDF 만큼은 그 개발자이면서 소프트웨어 개발력이 뛰어난 Adobe 것이 가장 좋지 않을까 생각하지만 그래도 다른 소프트웨어들을 계속 살피게 된다.

열심히 골라 선택한것은 아닌, 몇 다른 PDF 도구들을 쓰면서 만족스럽지 못했기 때문에
MobiSystems의 OfficeSuite를 쓰다 보니 자연히 쓰게 된 이들의 PDFExtra가 우연히 써 본 것 중에는 나쁘지 않아 유료 플랜을 살폈다.
더 나은 것을 찾다가 PDF editor들을 평가한 글들을 보고 있다.

techradar가에서 매긴 순위 중 상위 다섯은

  1. Adobe Acrobat DC – Best overall PDF editor
  2. Nitro PDF Pro – Best PDF editor for beginners
  3. pdfFiller – Best PDF editor for online collaboration
  4. EaseUS PDF Editor – Best PDF editor for Windows only
  5. Foxit PDF Editor – Best PDF editor for the compliant-conscious

PCWorld가에서 매긴 순위는

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC – Best overall
  2. Nitro PDF Pro – Best overall runner-up
  3. Swifdoo – Best budget option
  4. PDF Candy – Best free option
  5. PDF Expert – Best full-featured editor for Apple devices

둘 다 PDFExtra는 꼽지 않았고 안정적으로 높은 점수를 얻은 것은 Nitro PDF Pro
써 보세.

잠실은 누에를 키우는 곳

잠실은 누에를 키우는 곳

iPhone 14들의 주문일, 출시일이 공개되었다 하여에 들어가니 이런 화면이 보인다.

“Apple ‘잠실'”점 소개에 “‘비단’처럼 펼치다”라는 표현을 써
‘잠실’의 ‘잠’ 자가 ‘누에 蠶’ 자인가 싶어 확인하니 그러하구나.
이제야 알았다. 蠶室이라고.

그건 그렇고
‘비단을 펼친다’ 하니 ‘접힌 비단길’도 생각난다 — dark web의 Silk Road.
문제 사용자가 많았지만 본래 서비스는 멀쩡하던 사이트들이 여럿 닫혔다.
가는 곳마다 “This Hidden Site Has Been Seized”라며 FBI의 힘이 보였다.



Voice & Behavioral Biometrics – Enhanced Security Through Voice Analytics

Presented by Dell Technologies [A41412]

Synthetic identity fraud is one of the fastest-growing types of financial crime. At the same time, combining AI-powered voice biometric & behavioral analytics systems is considered one of the safest data protection methods in modern-day cybersecurity. In this panel, we discuss the pros and cons of this approach, e.g., in banking and financial services. Panelists share key considerations and provide insight into the neural nets, and the Dell-NVIDIA technologies that can help prevent fraud and identity theft. – Voice & Behavioral Biometrics – Enhanced Security Through Voice Analytics (Presented by Dell Technologies)_1663693327033001rqdV.pdf

2022-08에 마무리하지 않은 내용들과 잡다한.

2022-08에 마무리하지 않은 내용들과 잡다한.

Snowball Earth, kill-web


serene, tranquil, calm 차이를 두고 사용하기

Some stats and …

Email address 관련 이것 저것 확인하기 전에

Security, ransomware 기사에서 최근 눈에 들어온 이름

Black Basta

Shareholder activism (주주행동주의)

Dance and digital technology

Dance and digital technology

Unwired Dance Theatre

Unwired Dance Theatre makes immersive and playable experiences – for remote audiences, IRL and virtual stages, galleries and more unconventional sites. Our work questions our sense of empathy, especially when mediated through technology, and often explores what remote connection could look like.

From networked wearables to XR, we like to work at the intersection of dance and technology to create unique and thought-provoking experiences, with meaningful audience participation at its core.

“Unwanted Waters” — A live mocap performance in WebXR

“What’s the future of digital performance?”

by IJAD Dance Company

IJAD Dance Company,

IJAD is leading the exploration of movement, science and technology. Through engagement and research, we collaborate with communities and create opportunities for all. IJAD has been working with science and technology events since commissioned by the Science Museum to create a performance for Lates in 2013. We use dance and digital technology to explore the big scientific themes such as space and gravity and their impact upon human health and wellbeing. Our work has been shown at FACT, Manchester Science Festival and at venues around the UK and beyond. Over the past four years we have engaged with over 1,600 workshop participants, 52 artists and 15,300+ audience members (both live and virtual), across 34 countries.

Open Online Theatre

Interactive live streaming platform from IJAD Dance Company,
offering artists opportunities to incorporate the creative use of technology in their performance practice

Open Online Theatre is a virtual rehearsal and performance space allowing artists to collaborate with their community and create shows designed primarily for live streaming. Making it easier for existing venues to see the work of emerging talent.

Every season we welcome resident artists to take part in our 12-week programme.

The Prism Project

We are a multi-disciplinary dance company based in Exeter.  

​We work with a strong focus on contemporary dance that integrates music, film and lighting design. Together, we aim to create energising and uplifting performance work.​

We are working to extend our mixed arts practice to workshops and community settings.

KITBASH3D의 asset kit들 중 내가 가지고 싶은 것들

KITBASH3D의 asset kit들 중 내가 가지고 싶은 것들

Victorian (historic/world) USD199.00

Industrial USD199.00

Sci-Fi Industrial USD199.00

Goliath (Sci-Fi/World) USD199.00

Utopia (Sci-Fi/World) USD199.00

High Tech Streets (Sci-Fi/Prop) USD99.00

Neo City (Sci-Fi/Mini) Free

Manhattan, NYC (Modern Cities/World) USD199.00

NEO NYC (Sci-Fi/World) USD199.00

Roman Empire (Historical/World) USD199.00

Cyber Streets (Sci-Fi/Prop) USD99.00

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