Dance and digital technology

Dance and digital technology

Unwired Dance Theatre

Unwired Dance Theatre makes immersive and playable experiences – for remote audiences, IRL and virtual stages, galleries and more unconventional sites. Our work questions our sense of empathy, especially when mediated through technology, and often explores what remote connection could look like.

From networked wearables to XR, we like to work at the intersection of dance and technology to create unique and thought-provoking experiences, with meaningful audience participation at its core.

“Unwanted Waters” — A live mocap performance in WebXR

“What’s the future of digital performance?”

by IJAD Dance Company

IJAD Dance Company,

IJAD is leading the exploration of movement, science and technology. Through engagement and research, we collaborate with communities and create opportunities for all. IJAD has been working with science and technology events since commissioned by the Science Museum to create a performance for Lates in 2013. We use dance and digital technology to explore the big scientific themes such as space and gravity and their impact upon human health and wellbeing. Our work has been shown at FACT, Manchester Science Festival and at venues around the UK and beyond. Over the past four years we have engaged with over 1,600 workshop participants, 52 artists and 15,300+ audience members (both live and virtual), across 34 countries.

Open Online Theatre

Interactive live streaming platform from IJAD Dance Company,
offering artists opportunities to incorporate the creative use of technology in their performance practice

Open Online Theatre is a virtual rehearsal and performance space allowing artists to collaborate with their community and create shows designed primarily for live streaming. Making it easier for existing venues to see the work of emerging talent.

Every season we welcome resident artists to take part in our 12-week programme.

The Prism Project

We are a multi-disciplinary dance company based in Exeter.  

​We work with a strong focus on contemporary dance that integrates music, film and lighting design. Together, we aim to create energising and uplifting performance work.​

We are working to extend our mixed arts practice to workshops and community settings.

KITBASH3D의 asset kit들 중 내가 가지고 싶은 것들

KITBASH3D의 asset kit들 중 내가 가지고 싶은 것들

Victorian (historic/world) USD199.00

Industrial USD199.00

Sci-Fi Industrial USD199.00

Goliath (Sci-Fi/World) USD199.00

Utopia (Sci-Fi/World) USD199.00

High Tech Streets (Sci-Fi/Prop) USD99.00

Neo City (Sci-Fi/Mini) Free

Manhattan, NYC (Modern Cities/World) USD199.00

NEO NYC (Sci-Fi/World) USD199.00

Roman Empire (Historical/World) USD199.00

Cyber Streets (Sci-Fi/Prop) USD99.00

나의 dev email address로 소식 구독 신청



내 분노를 생각하다가
(내 분노는 송이를 이루어 익어가는 모양이 아니지만)
The Grapes of Wrath를 생각하다가.

그리 하다가 annoying orange 생각이 나는데 이 생각 진행이 annoying

첫 문단에 적을 내용이 있었으나 시간이 없어서 일단 이 상태로.



갑자기 “Corinthian”이 많이 언급되어 무슨 일인가 하였더니 이런 일이 있었구나:

“Education Department Approves $5.8 Billion Group Discharge to Cancel all Remaining Loans for 560,000 Borrowers who Attended Corinthian”

Then-Attorney General Kamala Harris’s lawsuit against Corinthian played key role in Education Department’s work to approve loan discharges for borrowers harmed by Corinthian’s wrongdoing

“As of today, every student deceived, defrauded, and driven into debt by Corinthian Colleges can rest assured that the Biden-Harris administration has their back and will discharge their federal student loans,” said U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. “For far too long, Corinthian engaged in the wholesale financial exploitation of students, misleading them into taking on more and more debt to pay for promises they would never keep. While our actions today will relieve Corinthian Colleges’ victims of their burdens, the Department of Education is actively ramping up oversight to better protect today’s students from tactics and make sure that for-profit institutions – and the corporations that own them – never again get away with such abuse.”

내가 이런 Corinthian helmet에 큰 집착을 가지고 있다.


“용감한 형제”라는 소설이 있었다. 여러 권으로 이뤄졌는데 모두 검정 바탕 깔끔하게 이미지 하나를 담은 표지를 하고 있었던 것으로 기억한다. 그 중의 표지가 이러한 투구 사진(혹은 그림)을 가지고 있었다. 1986년에 친구의 집에서 친구 것을 잠시 본 것이어서 자세히 기억하지 못한다.

나는 이 “용감한 형제”의 책을 읽지 않았고 1986년보다 오래 전 TV극을 재미있게 보았다. 원작은 미국의 “The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries” (1977–1979, 내가 아주 어린 시절 방영했는데 동생이 예쁘게 생겼다고 생각했다. (지금 보아도 어여쁘시구나.) 소설이 먼저.

“Corinthian”으로 생각나는 사건도 있다 — 2012년 전라남도 보성에서 보성(형제)교회를 신도 10여 명 규모로 운영하던 박씨(43세, 목사이지만 자격을 갖추지 못했고 내용은 사이비)와 조씨(34세) 부부가 잘못된 믿음으로 나쁜 의도를 가진 이의 교사를 따라 자신의 세 아이들(9세, 7세, 3세; 넷 중 셋)을 여러 날 동안 굶기고 폭행하여 사망에 이르게 한 사건.

그 부부는 아이들을 ‘구하려’ 그런 행동을 한 것이었으며, 폭력은 성경이 말한 내용을 따른 것이라 하였는데 그 일부가 고린도후서(2nd Corinthians) 중 바울이 “유대인들에게 40에서 하나 감한 매를 다섯 번 맞았”다고 이야기한 내용이다.

지금 검색하니 어떤 TV 프로그램에서 이것을 최근에 다루었는데 마침 그 프로그램의 이름이 “용감한 형사들”이구나. 그 요약 영상은 아래:

lock — traditional Korean locks — Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy — BI contest

lock — traditional Korean locks — Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy — BI contest

자물쇠 정보

대한민국 문화재청

산업통상자원부 블로그(“산소통”)의 전통자물쇠 소개 글

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